Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wladimir Klitschko Raises Some Eyebrows In Victory Over Jennings

Saturday's fight may have some wondering

Heavyweight champ Wlakdimir Klitschko won on Saturday, as everyone thought he would. He didn't dominate like many, if not most, expected him to, however. Indeed, Bryant Jennings gave the man a fight. Oh, Klitschko won fair and square, no doubt about it. But he looked vulnerable, regardless.

While he's still the man in the heavyweight division, it may be time for serious fans to question if the Ukranian is truly the great we've been suspecting he might be. The other day I had an argument with a very intelligent fan who claimed Klitschko is the best heavyweight champ ever and that's all there is to it.

To even suggest Ali or Tyson might have a chance against Klitschko was just silly to this young man. Klitschko, after all, towers over both fighters and has a solid skill set. There was really nothing more to it, this fan argued.

Only we learned on Saturday there is more to it. Klitschko proved he can still be hit. He also proved that you can get in on him. Indeed, I easily imagined a prime Tyson attacking from the inside as I watched Saturday's bout. It wouldn't have been so easy for me to imagine that just twenty-four hours earlier.

Of course, it's important to be fair here. Klitschko may simply have had a bad night for himself. It happens. Holmes and Ali had some of those, after all. Even the greatest fighters are entitled to a few. Still, against an actual skilled fighter who employed movement, Klitschko didn't look quite so impressive on Saturday. The fact that the referee didn't have endless patience for holding didn't help matters for the champion, either.

While there's no doubt, Klitschko won decisively this weekend, the bout may have presented fans with more questions than answers.

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