Friday, April 24, 2015

Roberto Garcia Rises Above A Dark Past - And Earns A Victory On PBC

Roberto Garcia's father was a tortured alcoholic who took Garcia's mother's life as well his own when Roberto was just a boy. From such a dark background, Garcia pushed himself. Rising through boxing's ranks, he landed a primetime bout on SpikeTV on Friday night, courtesy of Premiere Boxing Champions.

Garcia's opponent was Baltimore's James Stevenson. The location of the bout was America's windy city, Chicago. Wearing a large pair of rosary beads, Garcia bounced up and down as the two men met in the center of the ring.  It was about time to get swinging.

Stevenson sent Garcia to the mat in the first minute of the fight. Garcia didn't seem hurt, but it was a lively beginning to things, nonetheless. Garcia pursued Stevenson around the ring for the remainder of the round, while Stevenson tried to keep his distance.

The following rounds saw Stevenson again working to keep his space. Garcia, however, was able to land to the body. Yet Stevenson was faster and hit harder. It was clear that Garcia would have to dig hard in order to pull out a victory.

Garcia was nothing if not relentless, though. He simply wasn't going to be dominated. Although Stevenson was a better puncher, Garcia was the more aggressive puncher. It was one of those fights where it looked like the victory might rest on the personal tastes of the judges.

Regardless, Garcia's work ethic was hard to deny. Stevenson looked great in flashes, but Garcia plugged away, second after second, minute after minute, round after round. As the bell rang ending the eighth and final round it looked, perhaps, like Stevenson hadn't doing quite enough.

 The judges clearly agreed, for Garcia took the unanimous decision win. Stevenson just didn't show the necessary consistency, while Garcia was nothing if not consistent throughout the bout. Some people just know how to do what it takes to keep moving forward.

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