Monday, April 20, 2015

Algieri's Influence Helped Matthysse Beat Provodnikov

A certain New Yorker's work was influential in Saturday's fight

Long Island's Chris Algieri proved to have a pretty significant influence over Lucass Matthysse leading up to last Saturday's bout between the Argentine and Ruslan Provodnikov. For Matthysse openly admitted he studied Algieri's win over the Russian last year. Picking up things that Algieri did effectively in his bout with Provodnikov ended up helping Matthysse in the ring.

"He moved and gave him trouble," Matthysse said of Algieri. It proved to be a technique which worked for both men, For one of the key points to Matthysse's victory on Saturday was the man's ability to keep just out of range of Provodnikov's formidable attack. Although the extremely game Provodnikov was able to push Matthysse to the limit, Matthysse's superior skills ultimately made all the difference.

It will be interesting to see how Algieri's style matches up against his own next opponent, Amir Khan, or if Algieri will even have to alter his usual style for the bout. Khan is extremely fast, after all, perhaps even faster than Manny Pacquiao. With John David Jackson in Algieri's corner, a unique game plan may be in order.

As for Matthysse, he's undoubtedly going to take a much needed rest after Saturday's grueling affair. The man is unquestionably a hot commodity right now. Surely, he'll be hoping to make the most of his rejuvenated status within the junior welterweight division. Who knows what fighter the guy will end up studying next.

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