Sunday, April 19, 2015

In A Wild Weekend, Bud Crawford's Star Shines Brightest

It was some weekend for the sport of boxing. Lucas Matthysse showed just how good he is against a brutally game Ruslan Provodnikov while the once hugely popular Julio Caesar Chavez Jr was beaten to a halt by the determined Andrejz Fonfara. Yet it was one Terrence "Bud" Crawford who proved himself to be the most talented of the bunch.

Crawford stepped into a Texas ring on Saturday to face talented Puerto Rican fighter Thomas Dulorme. Already recognized as a true up and comer since having had what can only be considered a stunning 2014, Crawford was recognized by fans to be the favorite. Yet Dulorme had shown up to fight.

For it was indeed Dulorme who was the more active fighter in the early part of the bout. He wasn't doing great, but he was clearly earning himself some points. Crawford, on the other hand, appeared to be patient to the point of becoming inert.

Indeed, one had to wonder if the world was in for a replay of the previous week's Lamont Peterson-Danny Garcia fight, where a more active Garcia bested a more effective Peterson on points. Yet Crawford's patience payed off.

By the sixth, Bud found his mark, sending Dulorme to the mat not once, not twice, but three times; thus successfully putting an end to Dulorme's hope of an upset. If anyone who saw the bout wasn't convinced that Crawford was a man to be reckoned with, that person most likely never will be.

Matthysse was was impressive. Provodnikov was brave. Fonfara was powerful. But Crawford was simply brilliant. And even in the wildest of weekends, brilliance rises above most all other adjectives.

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