Monday, April 13, 2015

Can Floyd Mayweather Withstand Manny Pacquiao's Offense?

Yup, the fight of this young century is almost here. Time to stop cheering the fact that it's been made and time to start thinking about what exactly will go down when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao finally get it on in the ring.

The smart money here is on Floyd. Smart doesn't mean infallible, however. Truth be told, I give Manny the edge. Why? Because of the strange angles Manny attacks his opponents at, because of his speed and because he's apt to throw at least twice as many shots as Floyd will at a clip.

Don't get me wrong, Floyd is bigger, stronger and more accurate. He also hits much harder than he's given credit for, and - perhaps most importantly - remains cool as a cucumber at all times. Still, I have a hard time seeing Floyd dominate Manny the way he has so many previous opponents.

What I can see, however, is Floyd knocking Manny out. Believe it. Again, Floyd is accurate and has a harder punch than his reputation might have you think. What's more, Manny gets hit. A lot. The ferocious warrior takes a whole lot of chances in the ring and Juan Manuel Marquez showed what can happen to Manny when one of those chances backfires.

That being said, Floyd can't walk in on May 2nd expecting a knockout victory. That might be the worst strategy in the history of major fights. What Floyd has to do is walk in ready for the buzzsaw which is Pacquiao. And by ready, I mean really ready, not ready the way Chris Algieri and Brandon Rios were. I mean ready to face one of the most successfully aggressive fighters in all of recorded history.

It's a tall order, to be sure. If anyone can pull it off, however, it's the man they call "Money."

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