Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Isn't Kell Brook Fighting Brandon Rios?

Brook's chosen to fight someone from across the pond.

Kell Brook looked pretty great against Jo Jo Dan a few weeks ago. He also talked pretty great after the match by expressing a willingness to face all sorts of big names. One of those names, of course, was Brandon Rios.

Needless to say, Rios jumped at such an opportunity and loudly proclaimed to anyone who would listen or read his tweets that he was ready to take the talented Brook on - even in Brook's home country of England if need be.

Great stuff, right? The thought of the rising Brook facing the hardened and rejuvenated Rios was exciting. Rios knew it. Brook did, too. Why, then, has it been announced that Brook will be facing Frankie Gavin in his next bout instead of Rios?

Again, Rios made it more than clear that he was ready to throw down. What's more, it was Brook who mentioned Rios by name just weeks ago. So what gives? Is a Gavin fight simply more lucrative in England? Were there talks between the Rios and Brook camps that just fell through? Was Brook merely talking smack? Or does he see Gavin as a kind of tune up?

Inquiring minds want to know. And deserve to know.

Truth be told there's too much talk in boxing these days and not enough proactive behavior. Stevenson says he wants Kovaelv. Santa Cruz and Frampton say they're willing to fight Rigo. Meanwhile those fights don't get made.

Make no mistake about it, I like Kell Brook. I was sounding the alarm here in the states before he ever came to fight Shawn Porter. I think he's a hungry, talented, brave guy. That's why I believe an explanation is clearly in order here.

Despite what some may say, talk isn't always cheap. It certainly can be, however. And when it appears to be it should be explained.

So...what gives here?

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