Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eddie Hearn Makes It Clear Guillermo Rigondeaux Is Too Good To Be Bothered With

Urgent Memo: avoid Guillermo Rigondeaux by any means necessary.

Eddie Hearn is doing his best as a promoter to keep his fighter, Scott Quigg, away from Guillermo Rigondeaux. Like many who fear the talented Cuban, Hearn claims that Rigondeaux simply isn't popular or lucrative enough for his man to face in the ring.

So, who does Hearn want Quigg to face instead of Rigo?

Why, Nonito Donaire, of course! After all, Donaire is popular. What's more, a fight between he and Quigg might prove to be quite lucrative. There's also the fact that Donaire is no Rigondeaux.

Indeed, Hearn is quite open about his Rigo aversion. Speaking of his choice of Donaire over the Cuban slickster, Hearn couldn't be more clear about where his mind is.

"It's easier," he's quoted as saying of a Donaire fight.

And so there you have it. Guillermo Rigondeaux is now considered too good for the most popular and talented competition to face. Such men will simply work around him.

Nice. Real nice.

Of course, Hearn admitted that Rigo can't be avoided indefinitely.

"I think in time you've got no choice but to fight him," he says.

Don't worry, Eddie. Maybe Rigondeaux will age quickly. Or retire. Or become a monk. Or...

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