Friday, April 17, 2015

Will Trainer Marvin Somodio Be The Real Star Of The Provodnikov-Matthysse Bout?

So no, superstar trainer Freddie Roach will not be in Ruslan Provodnikov's corner when the Russian faces top notch junior welterweight Lucas Matthysse this weekend at New York's Turning Stone Casino. Roach, you see, is busy working on one Manny Pacquiao, a thoroughly obscure fighter who will be battling the equally obscure Floyd Mayweather in a quiet little event on May 2nd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With that in mind, Roach's protege, Marvin Somodio, will be acting as Provodnikov's corner general for Saturday's bout. This is a big opportunity for Somodio, for all eyes will be on the Turning Stone for the Provodnikov-Matthysse matchup. If Provodnikov pulls it off, it will be a true feather in the Filipino trainer's hat.

Indeed, Somodio might be someone fans want to become familiar with. For if he learns well from his mentor, Roach, the future can be all his. Some of us remember a young Roach, after all, standing around with trainer extraordinaire Eddie Futch back in the 80s. Futch was Roach's mentor. And now Roach is arguably the top trainer in the sport.

Who's to say Somodio won't someday be a master corner man himself?

Truth be told, sometimes the marginal figures in boxing can be as impressive and colorful as the men and women who wear the gloves. Doc Kearns, Tex Rickard, Angelo Dundee, Emanuel Steward, Roger Mayweather, these are figures were (or still are) as prominent as the fighters they worked with. Will Somodio end up among that elite group? Saturday may offer some indication.  

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