Thursday, April 16, 2015

Freddie Roach - Boxing's Greatest Trash Talker

I know, I know, Adrien Broner is boxing's reigning ruler of the obnoxious set. It's hard to argue that fact since I know of no one else who's flushed money - real or fake - down the toilet of a fast food joint. Still, outrageous as he is, Broner falls short in the trash talking category.

For the ruler of that particular realm is none other than trainer extraordinaire, Freddie Roach. Yup, the man who whispers in PacMan's ear can really talk some smack. And yeah, he's better at it than Broner. For Broner is cartoonish. Roach, on the other hand, says all sorts of things with seeming seriousness.

Here's a guy who really, REALLY wants to get in an opponent's head. That's why Roach has had so much to say about one Floyd Mayweather lately. While it may well be true that Roach feels "Money" is a bad influence for young people, or that Floyd really was ducking Pacquiao all those years, there's more at work here than Roach simply speaking his mind.

The one person Roach really wants to lend him an ear, however, is Mayweather himself. For Floyd is cool as ice in the ring. Seriously. The dude is unflappable. Any break in the emotion department, be it even a sliver, will be beneficial to team Pacquiao.

Truth be told, however, I don't see any of this frustrating Floyd in the least. He's heard it before. He'll hear it again. It's all a part of the business and he knows it. If Freddie were training Floyd instead of Manny, we'd all be hearing about what a decent guy Floyd is. Everyone knows it. You know. I know it. Floyd knows it.

And Freddie knows it, too. Not that he cares much.

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