Monday, April 27, 2015

Golden Boy Reportedly Readying To Take Al Haymon To Court

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Golden Boy Promotions is readying to go to court with Al Haymon. In the biggest week boxing has seen in a long, long time, it's very telling that this news has leaked out now.

According to SI,com, "the lawsuit alleges Haymon’s business practices are in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and California’s Unfair Competition laws." It's wise not to become melodramatic, and hyperbole should be avoided - but this could be a game changer.

For Haymon is thought by some to be the most powerful man in boxing. What's more, his Premiere Boxing Champions series - PBC - is airing or about to air on seemingly countless stations. If Haymon and his empire were to crumble, the free fights fans have been enjoying as of late might dry up.

Not that such a potentiality should keep the legal system from running it's course.

If Haymon has broken the law, after all, well then he has to face the consequences. It's worth noting, however,that Haymon hasn't been found guilty of anything. Indeed, he hasn't even been officially taken to court yet.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

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