Monday, April 6, 2015

Khan, Algieri, Bradley, Brook, And A Whole Lot Of Chaos

There's a lot to ponder here.

While the world waits eagerly for Manny and Floyd to step inside the ring on May 2nd, another battle is heating up in the welterweight division. Unlike the Mayweather-Pacquiao scrap, however, this fight isn't going down in a ring. It's going down in court - the court of public opinion. And, needless to say, it's all a bit confusing.

Let's start of with Amir Khan, an extremely talented Brit who has been longing for a major bout. With Manny and Floyd fighting each other, and Miguel Cotto focusing his attention elsewhere (and with Roc Nation Sports), the man has yet again been left to look for less lucrative matches.

Fellow Englishman Kell Brook is obviously dying for a match with Khan, however, as it would be an enormous deal across the pond, as well as being internationally relevant and, well, interesting. Yet Khan doesn't seem to have been biting, arguing that it's unfeasible for him to get into the ring with Brook just yet.

So Khan has gone and declared his next opponent will be the talented Chris Algieri, who lost a one sided battle to Pacquiao last autumn, but who still possess a significant New York fan base and who, to this writer's mind, still has a potentially bright future to look forward to, as well. Unfortunately for both men, however, no one seems to want this fight to happen.

That probably has more to do with the potential excitement factor than it does with anything else.

Fans would, for instance, most likely tune in to see a PBC card where Khan fought Keith Thurman and Algieri battled, say, Adrien Broner. For those would be unique matchups. Khan-Algieri, on the other hand, just doesn't seem to promise a whole lot of excitement. Again, it's not either man the fans don't like, it's the stylistic combination of the two.

So no one's particularly happy with idea of Khan facing Algieri. To make matters worse for Khan, however, the name of the formidable Timothy Bradley has now entered into the mix. For the IBF has apparently claimed it presented a potential Khan-Bradley elimantor and that Khan ignored them. Khan, needless to say, argues otherwise.

To argue that this is descending into chaos may be an overstatement, but it can't possibly make anyone involved too happy at the moment. Of course, I have an idea which might solve everyone's problems, an idea which will undoubtedly never come to fruition.

Why not have Khan face Thurman while Algieri drops down to face Broner and Brook defends his title against Brandon Rios? Heck, throw in the Bradley-Cornelius Bundrage fight we've been hearing about and you've got yourself a decent card.

Like I said, though, it will never happen. It's better for people to point accusing fingers at others, after all.

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