Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why People Love Manny Pacquiao

Let's face it, people love Manny Pacquiao. They don't like the guy. They love him. Just love him. Part of the reason, of course, is that he's the arch rival of Floyd "Money" Mayweather,  a man who, on the surface of things at least, symbolizes hedonism and brashness. Yet there's more to Pacquiao than the fact that he's Floyd's counterpart.

What is it, then, about the man from General Santos City that draws people to him?

I would argue that it's the fact that Pacquiao strikes a balance. Sure, he's a buzzsaw in the ring, a guy who can literally land five punches before his opponent can get a shot off of his own, but, ironically enough, Pacquiao is also nice. What's more, he's open about the fact that he's nice.

In our super cool, super ironic culture, that takes some real courage. And people appreciate it. The fact that Pacquiao isn't afraid to smile, sing a love song or say he loves Jesus is refreshing to many individuals who've grown tired of the same old, same old.

And so it's that rare combination of sweetness and menace that makes Pacquiao so well liked. He's the good boy who can beat the bad boy's ass - and people appreciate it. Whether he can beat Floyd Mayweather is another story entirely. Most people "in the know" feel he can't. I won't be writing him off, however.

For the dude can fight. What's more, he can fight exceptionally well - perhaps even better than Mayweather does. But if he pulls it off on May 2nd, don't expect Pacquiao to gloat. He'll thank God, then Mayweather. Then he'll credit his bested foe for possessing incredible skill before having the good nature to say he's up for a rematch. And then Pacquiao will flash that goofy smile.

And then he'll be more popular than ever.  

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