Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Top 11 Pound For Pound List For 5/30

It seems like countless sites offer Top 10 Pound for Pound Fighter lists. Sean's Page offers a Top 11 one. Why? Because it's different. And sometimes that's a good thing. Enjoy.

  1. Floyd Mayweater: How could it possibly be anyone else? The man may annoy those who want wall to wall action in their fights, but Mayweather is a craftsman the likes of which few, if any, have ever seen. 
  2. Manny Pacquiao: Yeah, he lost to Mayweather. But honestly - ask yourself if anyone on this list beyond Floyd is truly more accomplished. Or skilled? 
  3. Andre Ward: Sorry, but I'm not a bandwagon type of guy. I've got no problem with this extremely talented fighter - except for the fact that he's gone forever without a fight. That's about to change. Here's hoping he stays active. 
  4. Guillermo Rigondeaux: Again, I'm not a bandwagon rider. The Cuban exile is one of the greatest practitioners in the sport. The fact that he's been ignored rather than challenged - and that fans are okay with it simply because he's not exciting - is a travesty. 
  5. Wladimir Klistschko: The facts speak for themselves here. Klitschko wins. Over and over again. He's as dominant as they come, whether or not he's an artist in the ring. Credit where credit is due. 
  6. Sergey Kovalev: The most dominant light heavyweight since Michael Spinks. This Russian is so good that no one really sees lineal champ Adonis Stevenson as anything but a nominal monarch. That's saying something. 
  7. Roman Gonzalez: This Nicaraguan sensation is as exciting as he is skilled. In that, he's similar to Pacquiao. Here's a fighter who may bring boxing's smallest weights into the spotlight. And that, my friends, is a big deal.
  8. Gennady Golovkin: He lays guys flat, but without being impatient. In fact, he seems to actually be impervious to slicksters. The only reason GGG isn't getting the big fights right now is because the big names don't seem that interested. What's that tell you?
  9. Bud Crawford: riHe's taken on all comers. And they've been good - sometimes really good. Yet he's beaten them anyway. And he's undoubtedly got other really good fighters - and maybe even some great ones - in his sights. The guy is the very definition of a rising star.
  10. Carl Froch: He's beaten everyone he's faced aside from Andre Ward. And he's faced some serious hombres. Make no mistake about it, Froch is real life legend. He'll probably be retiring soon, with a terrific legacy in his wake.
  11. Miguel Cotto: He's hasn't fought in almost a year. What's more, his last opponent was aging and not at his best. No matter. Freddie Roach has given Miguel Cotto a second prime, making the old star a real force to be reckoned with long after people thought he'd be irrelevant. 

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