Monday, May 18, 2015

Fighter Of The Week - Roman Gonzalez

Man, this was a close one. Should I pick middleweight roughhouse Gennady Golovkin or Roman Gonzalez, the stunning flyweight from Nicaragua to be this week's fighter of the week? Both appeared on HBO this past Saturday and both decimated the competition. At first, I chose Golovkin for walking through the talented Willie Monroe Jr and literally making him quit (no shame in that, by the way - Monroe Jr put up some kind of fight). Golovkin is an extremely hot commodity right now. Some are even calling him heir to the Mayweather throne - and with good reason.

Ultimately, however, I changed my mind and went with the hyper-impressive Gonzalez. Indeed, "brilliant" is the word to employ here when describing the guy's performance on Saturday against Edgar Sosa. In fact, it reminded me of the kinds of fights my dad would have me watch on Saturday afternoons, when he wanted to introduce me to someone really impressive. And make no mistake about it, Gonzalez is impressive.

Smaller guys simply don't get the props they should. Michael Carbajal was an obvious exception, but he was a rare, rare exception indeed. That's a shame because there's some terrific stuff going on in boxing's smallest weight classes. My hope is that Gonzalez will change all that. Why not have a flyweight superstar in boxing? It's not like Gonzalez isn't looking like one of the best fighters out there.

Maybe Gonzalez will prove to be a game changer. He certainly has the talent to.

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  1. Thank you for those words, indeed Román will change The World of boxing.