Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Does Geale Have a Chance Against Cotto?

Does Daniel Geale have a chance against Miguel Cotto when they meet in New York City early next month? We won't know until the two men fight, of course. Yet, after watching the last fight each man has had, I've come to the conclusion that Cotto is simply far too sharp for his Australian foe.

This isn't to say Geale isn't good. To the contrary, the man's a slick mover, isn't afraid to engage when the situation calls for it and has a ton of heart. It's just that after watching Cotto's beatdown of Sergio Martinez in comparison to Geale's handling of Cotto back to back, it's hard not to conclude that Cotto is simply the all around better fighter.

Now I know there's people out there who will argue that Cotto simply beat up an old man last June, that Geale is the natural middleweight, that Cotto's no kid, etc. While all this is true, I still don't think it takes away from the fact that Cotto is an exponentially better fighter when he has Freddie Roach in his corner (at least in comparison to his recent decline). He's sharp, he moves quickly, he's hard to figure out and he hits far, far harder than he's given credit for.

He's also fought the best there is. Again, Geale is good. True enough, against most middleweights not named Golovkin or Cotto, I'd give him a true chance of winning. Indeed, I think he has a chance of beating Cotto himself. I just don't think he has much of a chance. That's no knock on Geale, it's just as I see it.

Perhaps I'll be proven wrong.

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