Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is It Time For Boxing To Part Ways With Pay Per View?

First things first - the fight wasn't THAT bad.

You know what fight I'm talking about.

THE fight. The one everyone's bitching and moaning about.

Let's face facts. It was clear what kind of night it would be if Mayweather proved dominant on Saturday. The Mayweather style, after all, is and was no secret. Still, up until the last two or three rounds, Saturday's match was somewhat interesting - for it seemed like Pacquiao had a chance to turn things around. The truth is that there have been far worse fights.

Those fights never cost fans close to a hundred bucks, however. Yessir, the Pay Per View prices for last weekend's fight have proven to be quite problematic. Why? Because fans simply didn't get what they paid for. Indeed, Hagler-Hearns may not have given fans what they paid for. The price was that outrageous.

Perhaps - just perhaps - it's time for boxing to say goodbye to Pay Per View. The Super Bowl is free, why not a Super Bout? No doubt there are a million financially sound reasons why not, but those reasons would undoubtedly fall on deaf years were they presented to the legions of angry fans currently out there.

Ask yourself this:

Would people be as mad as they are had last weekend's bout been aired live on network television? Or even on paid cable?

Of course they wouldn't be.

You might think this article has an anti-capitalist bent, but you couldn't be more wrong. I think it might be time to consider taking boxing out of the Pay Per View realm because the great capitalist market is letting itself be heard through a million disappointed tweets.

Yup. The free market is speaking here - and it's saying the paying customers have had it with fights airing on Pay Per View. It's time for the powers that be to at least give the market a listen.  

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