Friday, May 15, 2015

The Fan Appeal Of GGG

Let's face it - Gennady Golovkin has captured, truly captured, the imaginations of serious fight fans. What's more, his popularity may only grow. People are griping about May 2nd, sure, but boxing remains in the mind of the general public, which might mean it's still apt to pay attention for a while, despite it's residual bitterness over the whole Mayweather-Pacquiao affair. And if the general public pays attention to the likes of GGG, it may just stay focused.

But again - why?

Well, first we have to accept the fact that boxing is, was and always will be primarily a personality driven affair. People flocked to watch John L Sullivan not because he was good with his bare fists, but because he was good with bare fists AND had a unique personality. Yup, it takes more than skill to make a fighter famous to the public at large - it takes skill and a certain quality that allows the individual stand out from the crowd.

And GGG, who promises everyone a "big drama show," has that quality. Oh, the easily offended, politically correct bunch might resent the fact that fans love GGG's tortured employment of English, but that's because such people like being offended in general. The truth is that fans find the GGG's English language deficiencies and all around goofy quality endearing. This is especially true because the guy's actions in the ring are so damned vicious. Seriously. The dude is pure destruction. And skill. Don't forget about the skill.

Skill and destruction...and a nice, goofy demeanor. That's what draws fans to GGG. And it may be what could draw the general public to the guy in the inevitable post-Mayweather era. Provided, of course, that he keeps winning.

One never knows in boxing, after all.

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