Friday, May 29, 2015

Chris Algieri Shows He's The Real Thing

So yeah, Amir Khan bested Chris Algieri at the Barclays Center on Friday night. Truth be told, it was most likely a fair call (I've got to watch it again). Make no mistake about it, though, Chris Algieri is no second rater. Remember those cage jokes? Stifle them. With a new trainer in tow, the Long Island native is indeed looking like force in the ring.

Does the guy still have to grow as a fighter? Yes. But Algieri is most certainly not a one hit wonder. Nor is he a has-been. Algieri looked pretty depressed after the judge's decision was read on Friday night. He shouldn't remain depressed for long. The man has a future ahead of him in boxing - so long as he sticks with Jackson. Don't be surprised if you find Algieri with another title belt soon enough.

As for Khan, it's hard to say how he looked. Algieri was surprisingly good, even to those of us who thought the fight might be a quality one (we were out there, by the way). He was more Jack Dempsey and less Gene Tunney than before, That may have taken Khan off guard. Then again, it may have simply exposed the man.  

I suspect, however, that the English native may now indeed be Floyd Mayweather's September opponent. For Khan just didn't look good enough on Friday night to be a threat to the pound for pound king, who's probably (and rightfully) looking for an easier go after besting arch rival Manny Pacquiao earlier this month. That's good news for Khan.

And nomatter how you look at it, Friday's bout proved to be good news for Algieri. For there's now probably a lot more people eager to see his next fight than would have been expected. And that's never a bad thing. 

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