Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayweather Proves That Boxing And Fighting Are Two Entirely Different Things

Some found last nights' match about as exciting as watching the grass grow

I hear it all the time - that UFC stars would "kill" boxing stars if they met in a real fight. Okay. Maybe the people who say it are right. Maybe they're not. I don't care. Why? Because neither boxing nor the UFC deal with actual fighting. They deal with contact sports. There's a big difference between the two.

And that distinction was made quite clear - painfully clear, in fact - on Saturday night when Floyd Mayweather ran, held and pot shotted his way to a victory over the lauded Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao in a twelve round superbout in Vegas.

Lots of people are complaining today about the fact that Mayweather won. They shouldn't. The guy was masterful. He beat Manny fair and square and that's all there is to. Oh, and for the record, I thought Manny would take it.

Still, griping that Floyd held and ran his way to a victory isn't really a valid criticism. That's what Floyd does, after all. He holds and runs. And throws incredibly accurate punches that score points rather than hurt opponents. Sure, he may have held a bit excessively on Saturday, but to say the bout would have turned out differently than it did had Mayweater not is a bit of a stretch.

It's time for everyone to face facts - Floyd's a far better boxer than Manny is. In fact, Mayweather is unquestionably the best in the sport. And, oh yeah, he's boring to watch. And if this troubles you as a person who watches one fight a decade, just imagine how much it troubles those of us who want the sport to work it's way back into the mainstream.

Regardless. Floyd is the man right now and until a more exciting and at least as talented individual steps into the spotlight, his nuanced, temperate, sleep inducing style will be what the sport is all about. That's great for Floyd, of course - though perhaps not so great for boxing.

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