Monday, May 25, 2015

Fighter Of The Week - James DeGale

Yup, everyone thought it would be boring. It was one of those fights the "real" fans, the ones who want excitement rather high skills, didn't want to bother with. Well, if that was the case, those fans missed out. Because James' DeGale's bout against Andre Dirrell this past Saturday in Boston was an exciting, action infused affair.

DeGeale was a man who had clearly come to win. He took to the talented Dirrell quickly, and even put him on the mat twice in the second, courtesy of some thunderous punching. Dirrell was no slack, however. For the man came back and essentially started taking the fight to DeGeale. By the last few rounds it was basically anyone's to lose.

DeGeale made sure the day was his and that's why he and not Dirrell is being written of right now. Knowing everything rested on three to six minutes of high octane performance, DeGale went out and did what champions do - he sealed the deal. He took a unanimous decision victory and the IBF World Super Middleweight title back home with him to England.

Even with names like Froch and Groves dominating the division's horizon, it's time to take DeGale seriously. Froch will most likely be retiring soon enough and DeGale may well become "the man" at super middleweight. It will be tough to hold onto his crown, however, especially with names like Gennady Golovkin possibly appearing on the horizon. Yet DeGale proved on Saturday that he's a true for to be reckoned with - a man to be underestimated at one's own risk.

And that's why he's the Fighter of the Week.

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