Sunday, May 24, 2015

Julio Caesar Chavez Jr Teams Up With Robert Garcia

Looks like Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. isn't ready to call it a career after losing to Andrzej Fonafara not so long ago. The son of a boxing legend with a career trajectory similar to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride will reportedly be fighting Marcos Reyes on the 18th of July. Chavez will have a new man in his corner this time, however. For he is now going to be trained by the legendary Robert Garcia.

Although Chavez has had other notable trainers before, such as Freddie Roach and Joe Goosen, he didn't perform particularly well under their tutelage. It will be interesting to see if the highly respected Garcia will help the man change course. Fortunately for Chavez, these are fast paced times, so fast paced that if he's impressive in July, people may forget the Fonfara fiasco.

He'll have to look impressive, though. The man's smart enough to hook up with a good trainer and to drop down to super middleweight (Chavez' single foray to up to light heavyweight resulted in the Fonfara loss). The question now is, will Chavez be able to shine? That, frankly, is more on him than it is his trainer(s).

Chavez is an interesting case in that he's quite good for someone who arguably got famous for a name. He's been middleweight champ and even had Sergio Martinez in real trouble when they met a few years back. He's fun to watch and is capable of surprising even his harshest critics.

Chavez has done himself no favors with those critics, however, with some choices he's made in and out of the ring. Now that he's with Garcia, perhaps the fighter will finally be able to put the criticism behind him.

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