Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yup, Kell Brook Is That Good

So yeah, Kell Brook is that good. Oh, I knew the dude was a high quality pug long ago, way before he met and bested Shawn Porter here in the states last year. In fact, I wasn't surprised the Brit pulled that victory off.

I thought, however, that Brook might have trouble this weekend with Jo Jo Dan. For Dan was an awkward fighter who stepped into the ring with a good resume. Whereas Porter came right at Brook, I knew Dan was all about movement.

It would make for a unique challenge...or so I thought.

How wrong I was. For Brook owned Dan on Saturday. Owned him. In a fight which offered nearly as many knockdowns as Pacquiao-Algieri, Brook dominated his outclassed foe. During the live broadcast I asked myself who I felt could beat the talented Englishman. Needless to say, the list was very thin.

Names like Thurman, Bradley, Rios, Khan and Marquez danced through my head...and I wasn't sure any of those men could take "Special K." I wasn't convinced Brook could beat them all, mind you, but I wasn't convinced he couldn't, either.

And that's saying something.

For Brook's punches are straight and powerful, his defense extremely sound. While I don't see Brook fighting Floyd or Manny any time in the near future, I can most certainly see him fighting one of the aforementioned top level names.

That would be a fight I'd love to matter which guy Brook was up against.

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