Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Jo Jo Dan Shouldn't Be Ignored

It seems like everyone is ignoring Jo Jo Dan these days. Boxing writers don't have a whole lot to say about him, fans are more interested in Floyd and Manny, even Kell Brook - Dan's opponent on the 20th of this month - seems (on the surface, at least) to be looking on to other things. After all, it's IBF champ Brook whose been telling the media he wants superfights after next week's showdown. 

That might not be the smartest way for Brook to go about things, however. Indeed, Brook might do well to remember that he himself was virtually unknown to many fans when he won his title last year from rising star Shawn Porter. Dan may be in the shadows now...but so was Brook not so long ago.  

Simply put, Dan is not the sort one would want to overlook. Born Ionut Dan Ion, he's a Romanian immigrant to Canada with an impressive amateur resume and only two questionable defeats to his name as a pro. What's more, he's a mandatory contender for Brook's title. In other words, the bout will not - despite what some journalists might have you believe - be a total mismatch.

To the contrary, Dan has a style that just might be problematic for the talented Brook. Although Brook looked extremely impressive against Porter thanks to his strength and extraordinarily straight punches, Porter went at Brook head on during their bout. All you have to do is YouTube one of Dan's fights to see he won't be approaching Brook the same way Porter did. 

Truth be told, Dan tends to move in and out while employing a solid jab and an extremely impressive left cross (Brook may want to be careful when he's firing off that straight right of his). In other words, Brook might have to prove himself to be a high level chess player if he wants to move on to those superfights he so clearly desires. 

Of course none of this is to imply that Brook might as well just give Dan his IBF belt before the bout even happens. To the contrary. Brook is indeed an impressive welterweight. In fact, it surprises me that he's still so under the radar of so many fans. Brook's a serious fighter, after all, and worthy of serious consideration. What's more, he'll be defending his title against Dan in his home country of England.

Yet Dan is a serious contender worthy of serious consideration of his own. Few may know who Dan is now - but many will know of the man if he manages to upset Brook in England on the 20th. 

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