Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Logan McGuinness Returns To Extremely Competetive Junior Lightweight Division

Can Logan McGuinness find a place atop the impressive junior lightweight hill?

Irish-Canadian junior lightweight Logan McGuinness didn't have much of a 2014 boxing-wise, for an injury kept him out of the ring. He'll be returning on March 28th, however, hoping to improve his undefeated record upon facing Luis Armando Juarez in Canada.

McGuinness, who keeps an upright guard, employs a come forward style, a probing jab and thudding punches. At 20-0-1, there's little doubt the 27 year old is clearly thinking of bigger things. Yet the competition at junior lightweight is fierce.

For starters, the division is ruled by the extremely impressive Takashi Uchiyama. What's more, it's loaded with names like Barthelemy, Salido, Vargas, and Fortuna. Formidable competition, to be sure.

Still, McGuinness is known to display more than his fair share of dedication. Indeed, the man is said to have the kind of dedication that can lead to big things. If those around McGuinness are to be believed, there will be no Mike Alvarado meltdowns in McGuinness' future.

And that's a good thing, because the young Canadian has quite a mountain to climb before he sits atop his division's peak. Indeed, the entire sport of boxing appears to finally - belatedly - be entering a new golden age, and the junior lightweight division, with its stable of talent, is clearly rising to the occasion.

If McGuinness has his way, he'll be rising to the occasion, as well.

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