Saturday, March 7, 2015

PBC Delivers - In A Big Way

Now that was boxing.

Adviser Al Haymon and the folks at NBC must be thrilled right now. For Premiere Boxing Champions' maiden voyage on the peacock network this Saturday night proved to be a smashing success. Welterweights Keith Thurman and Robert Guerrero went to war at the MGM Grand in Vegas, thrilling all who saw their fight by waging a toe to toe test of guts.

Thurman won a unanimous decision, after dropping Guerrero late in the bout, but Guerrero never - ever - stopped fighting. Indeed, it seemed like Thurman might have been puzzled after a point, wondering what exactly it was he had to do to finish the former multi-time champion Guerero off. Yup, it was a main event that delivered fireworks.

Good thing. For the opening bout, between Adrien Broner and John Molina, proved to be a junior welterweight snooze-fest. Molina just never seemed to get into the bout. Broner got crass and shot off his mouth afterward, but there really wasn't much else to take note of. Broner dominated. Molina acted lethargic. And that was all there was to it.

Thank heavens for that main event.

If PBC can keep delivering in this fashion, boxing will be back in a big, a very big, way.

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