Monday, March 30, 2015

"Impractical Jokers" And Live Boxing? No Wonder Why "truTV" Might Be My Favorite Channel

There's now less reason to get off the couch. 

Okay, so admittedly, I had no idea - or very little idea - what truTV was before last fall. Indeed, I had some vague image of trials and talking heads in my cranium, but that was about it. Then, this past fall, I was introduced to the comedic antics of "Impractical Jokers" and I was hooked.

Truth be told, I laugh out loud when I watch that show, and I watch it all the time. I'm also guessing you laugh out loud at it too, if you're a fan like my wife and I are. So yeah, I've been a loyal truTV viewer since the last portion of 2014.

Now that I've learned that truTV will also start broadcasting live boxing, via Top Rank Promotions, however, it might just be my favorite channel. Look, I know some hardened boxing heads will gripe about the fact that Top Rank honcho Bob Arum won't put on cards that can rival Al Haymon's PBC series - but I honestly don't care.

More live televised boxing is a good thing. You know it as well as I do. For we hardcore fans will watch cards broadcast in English, Spanish, Russian and possibly some other dialects we haven't even heard of. We're that into it.

And now I'm that into truTV, as well. All the channel has to do is start showing my favorite movies once a month or so and I won't have to leave the house (I wonder if they can get the rights to "Patton" and "Three Days Of The Condor?).

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