Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why It's Unwise To Forget About Shawn "Showtime" Porter

I know, I know. You're thinking about Floyd and Manny. And Keith and Robert. And Adrien and John. And...

Perhaps you've forgotten about a former IBF welterweight champion by the name of Shawn "Showtime" Porter. If that's the case it might behoove you think back to not so long ago, back to when Porter absolutely demolished the colorful, decorated and lauded Paulie Malignaggi.

Or perhaps you can think back to that night in December of 2013 when Porter upset reigning IBF welterweight champ Devon Alexander. Or perhaps you can think back to some of Porter's twenty-two consecutive victories before that.

The truth is that Porter was looked on as exactly what he was - an extremely talented fighter on the rise. He was then bested by the strength and straight punch of Kell Brok last spring - and was subsequently forgotten. Porters name has rarely, if ever, been mentioned along with the top names in the welterweight division in nearly a year.

On March 13th, however, Porter aims to change all that. For he'll be featured on Premiere Boxing Champion's inaugural live card on Spike TV that Friday night against Roberto Garcia, a fighter whose bested the likes of Breidis Prescott and who hasn't lost a fight in nearly four years.

Indeed, Garcia is no easy payday. He's a man whose faced the likes of Antonio Margarito, after all, a man whose looking for that one big win to catapult him to the big time. In short, Garcia is an opponent whose coming to win.

Yet Porter is determined...and if you've forgotten, quite skilled. For the Ohio native is aggressive and a terrific puncher,with a high defense and a bouncing, in and out style. His heart, and old-school ability is the stuff that can give more lauded fighters fits.

That's something worth remembering. Especially if your name is Keith Thurman, or Robert Guerrero, or Amir Khan, or...

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