Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Erislandy Lara Calls Out Keith Thurman On Twitter

Let's face it, Erislandy Lara is a brave soul. For he's now calling out Keith "One Time" Thurman on Twitter. After Thurman's destruction (is that an overstatement?) of Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero last Saturday night on live network television, Thurman appeared to be a guy most name boxers would do all they could to avoid. That's not the case with Lara, who made it clear he's ready to throw down.

"C'mon One Time," Lara Tweeted to Thurman directly, "come out and play! Stop lying and saying your feared! Let's do it!"

Some may be put off with Lara's brash style of getting big fights, but what choice does the man have? He may not be the thudding puncher Thurman is, but Lara is a slick, skilled professional, one who makes opponents at least as uneasy as Thurman does. Their styles may be distinctly different, but Lara and Thurman are both men who have a tendency to win and win decisively.

The problem, of course, is that Thurman is a crowd pleaser, thanks to his aggressive, hard hitting approach to the sport. Lara, on the other hand, takes a more studied approach into the ring with him. It may well be a more effective approach than Thurman himself employs, but it's easy to brush aside.

Or is it? Arguing that Lara is a boring fighter is a cop out. Boxing is a sport, not a popularity contest. If some fans are bored by Lara's style, they should hope someone like Thurman bests him, not claim that Lara doesn't deserve important matches. Simply put, Lara is one of the best boxers in the entire business.

He may not end up fighting Thurman, but it will be unfair if Lara's name doesn't start getting brought up in serious discussions.

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