Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Amir Khan Accepts Adrien Broner's Challenge: "Let's Make It Happen."

It looks like another major contest may be on its way. Minutes ago Amir Khan tweeted he "would love to fight @AdrienBroner next!" before adding "lets make it happen."

This, presumably, was in response to a Broner Instagram which claimed Broner "and Amir Khan can fight at the end of this month." These words were, of course, accompanied by a faux fight poster of Broner and Khan standing side by side, accompanied by the title:


While Broner's brash statement will surely find a way to offend the easily offended crowd, Khan wasted no time jumping at the opportunity. The man's been looking for a big fight for ages and Broner is about as big a foe as he'll find outside of Floyd and Manny.

Of course Khan is fighting at welterweight now, while Broner is down at junior welterweight. Still, it's not hard to see this fight becoming a reality - especially with PBC looking to put major matchups on primetime network television.

Don't be surprised if you see Khan and Broner starring in their own two man show on NBC in the very near future. 

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