Monday, March 23, 2015

Why Lamont Peterson Has The Edge Over Danny Garcia

Call me the odd man out. I give Lamont Peterson the edge over Danny Garcia when the two men meet on April 11th for the second outing for Premiere Boxing Champions on NBC. Why? Because Peterson, frankly, has more in his tool box than Garcia does.

Forget Rod Salka. Forget old drug tests. Forget Mauricio Herrera. Forget the Amir Khan decision in Washington DC. Forget all the things that have made these two men somewhat controversial and look at matters objectively.

First off, Peterson is the faster of the two men. There's just no two ways about it. Garcia's timing may be exquisite - just ask Khan - but consider what would have happened if Khan had walked into the ring against Garcia with a sharper defense.

Everyone knows Garcia can hit. Peterson knows it, too. Be sure that he and trainer Barry Hunter are doing everything in their power to keep Garcia from landing his potent shots - especially that left hook of his - come fight night.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Peterson can hurt you. Believe it. He may not be known as the hardest puncher on earth, but the guy is quite sound on the inside. His body blows are thudding and can take a lot out of a man - even the rising star from Philadelphia.

Let's also keep in mind that Peterson can move extremely well. Edgar Santana may not have been the most challenging of opponents, but Peterson's footwork in that bout - his last one to date - was something to marvel at. The man can keep distance, but he can also come at you from a variety of different places. What's more, Peterson can change gears, as well as direction, at the drop of a hat.

As for Garcia, well, let's not kid ourselves, the guy's a warrior. Let's not forget that he's bested two top level fighters  who gave Peterson real headaches. Khan may be some kind of boxer but Garcia ended up beating the hell out of him. And Matthysse? Hey, Garcia outgeneraled the guy, plain and simple. Peterson can't say that. Then again, it doesn't matter.

For it's styles that make fights, period. That and heart and intelligence. Peterson has the style to beat the undefeated Garcia. As long as he brings his heart and intelligence with him into the ring that night, he should walk out a winner.


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