Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why The Thurman-Porter Fiasco Pretty Much Sums Up Boxing Right Now

At least Saint Paddy's Day is right around the corner

Ever read Waiting for Godot? It's a terrific play about two tramps who wait by the side of the road for a guy who never shows up. That's it. Boxing is kind of like Waiting for Godot right now in that fans are waiting and waiting for major events that just aren't happening. Seriously. We're now at the point where Frampton-Quigg,  a battle between  B-plus level small fighters, is all the rage. You say Leo Santa Cruz awaits the winner? Who gives a s--t????

Honestly, is anyone really happy with all this?

My old man bought us some very nice seats recently to check out the Thurman-Porter fight right up the highway from where I live. That fight won't be happening, though, as Thurman was injured in a car accident. The undercard, however, is still going to proceed right on schedule. Yup, the Thurman-Porter card is going down without Thurman or Porter. If that doesn't sum up boxing right now, I honestly don't know what does.

Perhaps we can just let the entire sport marinate straight through til spring. That way we can all be good and eager to see how Amir Khan will most likely lose to Canelo Alvarez. Will Amir get knocked out as expected, or will Amir box smartly and be robbed by the judges? Inquiring minds want to know! I mentioned earlier how boxing at the moment is a lot like Waiting for Godot. Well, here's one way where boxing isn't like Waiting for Godot at all - it pretty much sucks right now.

Honestly people, we haven't had a legitimately significant bout since Klitschko-Fury last Christmas time. The only marinating thing here is our brains.

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