Monday, February 8, 2016

Why Keith Thurman Is Good For Boxing

Thurman doesn't fit into a conventional mold

Truth be told, I'm not sold on the "fact" that Keith Thurman is going to beat Shawn Porter in March. Porter is awfully good, after all. Indeed, I'm not sure I would pick Kell Brook over Porter in a rematch at this point. Back to Thurman, though. Although I'm not certain he's essentially the king of the welterweight division right now (I no longer buy into the whole title thing - too corrupt and invalid), but I do know he's good for our sport.

Just check out any recent interviews with him on YouTube. The guy's a natural on camera - unique, sharp, insightful, confident - and even kinda weird. That's good because it's an appealing combination. Thurman's a far cry from the flash and bling set. He's also a far cry from boxing's current crop of blowhards. Sure, Thurman talks a good game - but he ain't Tyson Fury.

Of course, showmanship isn't all that's required to make a star in boxing - or at least it shouldn't be. Some serious skill should be required, as well. And Thurman has that kind of skill. Again, he may not be king of the hill - although no one can be sure - but he's quite good. Here's a guy who knows his business, who has clearly given some time to observe and learn the very demanding and exacting sport he's made a career of.

Face it - the dude's refreshing. Sometimes he can be grating, yeah, and if he continues to succeed, we may find ourselves confronted with Thurman imitators. As it stands, however, Thurman keeps things interesting. And that's nothing but good news for boxing in its current state,  

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