Monday, February 29, 2016

So...Just How Good Is Bud Crawford?

Something to ponder.
Bud Crawford looked pretty impressive on Saturday, make no mistake about it. After adapting like Mayweather to an aggressive attack, the Omaha native then finished like Duran, punishing the game Hank Lundy until the ref wisely called off the entire affair.

Make no mistake about it, Crawford is a man to watch. Indeed, I'm now going to go right out and say the guy has become must-see television. That's no small thing. Still, there are those out there who feel that the man has limitations - and, truth be told, I'm one of those people.

Look at all the shots Crawford ate early on against Lundy. There was talk of Crawford actually facing Manny Pacquiao this year before Tim Bradley was chosen for a third matchup with PacMan. Well, watching the bout on Saturday, I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if it were Manny and not Hank firing at will.

Manny would have hit Crawford three to four times to Hank's one or two times - then would have gotten out of there. That's something to think about before coronating Crawford. Then again, Manny himself has taken his fair share of shots. Indeed, Sergey Kovalev has, too. Does taking shots take away from their greatness? Of course not.

As of right now, the verdict is clearly still out on exactly how good Crawford is. We should all find out soon enough, however. And my guess is that this serious student of the craft will arrive at the "A level" before all is said and done.

Will he arrive at the "A+ level," though?

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