Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Chris Algieri Deserves Huge Props

Algieri is always going in for a big piece of the pie

That's right, Chris Algieri deserves huge props. Sure, everyone had a good laugh for a short spell with the whole "out of the cage" silliness - but no one should be laughing now. For word's out - according to Dan Rafael over at ESPN - that Algieri may be fighting none other than rising star Errol Spence on an NBC primetime PBC card in April.

What's there to like about Algieri? The fact that he takes risks. That's right, a fighter in this day and age actually takes risks - when he could possibly make solid money going easy for a while, nonetheless. Yup, Algieri has been a work in progress since falling under the tutelage of top level trainer John David Jackson, yet he's going to put it all on the line, yet again, against the supremely talented Spence. Algieri likes to let online followers know what hes been eating - but it's doubtful he marinates anything.

Think about it - the odds here are clearly going to be in Spence's favor. For Spence is a fighter who some have marked to be the next big superstar - and not without sound reasoning. Indeed, there's a lot to like about Spence - and a lot to like about his chances against Algieri. No matter, Algieri is going for it. Because that's what Algieri does. Whether it's Ruslan Provodnikov, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan or now Spence, Algieri steps up to the figurative plate over and over again.

This time, however, things may be different. For another loss may put Algieri in the same category as Robert Guerrero has now found himself in - that of the solid opposition. The fact that Algieri may indeed go forward with this regardless of the obvious career risk not only shows his confidence, it shows that he takes boxing seriously for what it ultimately is - a sport.

Other known fighters should take note.

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