Friday, February 5, 2016

Can Khan Win?

Al eyes are now on Khan

Watching last year's surprisingly fulfilling fight between Amir Khan and Chris Algieri, I was reminded yet again how skillful Amir Khan is in the ring. Yet I was also reminded of how vulnerable he is in the ring, as well. For Khan's blistering speed and smoothness were on full display in the bout. Yet Algieri landed. Hard. In the first round, no less. What will happen if and when Canelo lands on him?

That leads us to the two big questions leading up to this May's interesting yet ridiculous mega fight between Khan and Canelo.

  1. Can Khan avoid being hit effectively?
  2. If Khan does get hit with anything close to regularity, can he deal with it - and if so, how? 
Let's tackle the first question. The only way I see Khan avoiding getting hit is by employing the kind of movement we've yet to see from him. I'm talking Ray Leonard versus Marvin Hagler movement. It may not be satisfying to the fans, but it might - just might - carry the night for Khan. For while I've maintained over the years that Hagler did in fact beat Leonard, there's little doubt Ray looked better than expected that long ago 80s evening. Let's also keep in mind - and never forget - that Canelo has never proven himself to be on Hagler's level.

As to the second question regarding what Khan can do if he's hit with anything close to regularity. That's a tough one. I'm no conditioning expert, but a focus on leg conditioning may be in order. Tommy Hearn's worked on those weak legs of his in the leadup to his second go round with Leonard and it may have kept Ray from finishing him off in the final round of that controversial affair. 

Khan will have to couple that stamina, however, with an amazing game plan. For surviving a fight isn't the same as winning one. Let's keep in mind that team Canelo may well have taken this fight because it seems to winnable. Khan and his team may have to be full of surprises if they want to pull this one off and rattle the fight world to it's core.  

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