Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why I'm Not Crazy About Frampton-Quigg

I just can't get too excited about this one

I know, I know. We're all salivating for the Frampton-Quigg bout this month. Only I'm not. And I suspect others aren't, either. Here's the thing, I wrote about Frampton long before many US fight fans probably knew who he was. That's no knock on my fellow American fight fans. It's my job to be on the knowledgeable side of things when it comes to boxing, after all. Truth be told, however, I really liked what I saw of the guy.

Indeed, I felt that he may actually have given one Guillermo Rigondeaux a real run. Unfortunately, though, the fight hasn't happened. And Frampton's team has made it pretty clear they haven't been too interested in the bout, either. Why? Well, it's obvious. Rigo is unpopular and is a huge risk to anyone who faces him. Yup. He's that good. Quigg hasn't faced Rigo, either. It appears he may be contenting himself facing Frampton.

Yessir, it's the battle for the title of nearly best smallish guy. Who cares, you can here some exited fans saying. It's an exciting matchup, at least on paper, and the public may get it's money's worth. The sport of boxing, however, will once again remain poorly served. For, once more, we're watching the best in the business - in this case, Rigo - be avoided.

Look, I understand that fighters want to make as much money as possible. And the way to do that is to excite and to win. Yet boxing is still a sport, my friends, and no one forced either Frampton or Quigg to get into it. And unless they at least sincerely try to face Rigo - and I suspect the Cuban slickster may never face either - I will always think less of Frampton and Quigg than I would have otherwise.

One last thing - Rigo is indeed boring to many fans. So is a amazing pitcher. Those guys aren't kept in the dugout, though. Nope, it seems the best are only benched in boxing these days.

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