Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wilder Knocks Out Szpilka In Frightening Fashion

If you saw it you know full well it was scary. It's never good when you see a fighter practically immobile on the canvas while being completely  void of consciousness. Yup - Deontay Wilder hit Artur Szpilka with one of those frightening shots on Saturday night. It put an abrupt end to a very good match late in the fight and solidified Wilder as a thoroughly dangerous fighter - albeit one who still has much to learn.

It was simply one of those nights where you're happy to hear the loser of the match will most likely be okay. Make no mistake about it - Deontay Wilder turned out the lights in Brooklyn on Saturday. Ironically enough, the guy was having real trouble with Szpilka up until that point. For the Polish contender had come to win and his angular, jerky movements were giving Wilder fits. Then Wilder landed to the jaw, however, and that was the end of that.

To his credit, Wilder acted like a complete gentleman after the bout was wisely stopped. There was none of his usual showboating afterwards, just respect and credit thrown towards the man who was being taken out on a stretcher. Sadly, Wilder's moment of class and sportsmanship was overshadowed by the idiocy of Tyson Fury, who approached Wilder in pure over the top villain fashion to push a unification fight.

Make no mistake about it - the whole thing could have been fun in a crazy way...but a man was just taken to the hospital. Seriously Tyson, give it a rest. To his credit, however, Wilder didn't back down to the enormous Anglo-Irishman. A superfight may indeed be in the works not too far down the road.

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