Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Is It Really Garcia-Khan II?

Do I look impressed? 

So, the WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has said that Danny Garcia, it's new welterweight champ, must face Amir Khan next. Some are unquestionably excited about this. I'll hold my applause until I learn the contracts have been signed. Let's face it - team Garcia doesn't seem to be  into the rough challenge business and Khan, who is eager to avenge a brutal loss to Garcia, will prove to be a rough challenge indeed.

What's more, the WBC has proven itself to be so unreliable in my book that it's part of the reason why I basically don't care about titles anymore. In my opinion, titles worn out their usefulness and should be ignored. Sure, their presence helps certain fighters, but the damage the current title scene is inflicting on the sport as a whole makes it too much to support.

Still, if things start shaping up then maybe, just maybe, I'll recognize titles as genuine marks of achievement again. The WBA is presumably trying to streamline it's own ridiculous number of titles and this move by the WBC, if it's legitimate, is nothing but good news.

The only question now is whether or not the WBC will stick to its word or if this is simply just more nonsense. Sorry, but I'm not biting - at least not yet. It's not cynical on my part not to trust the WBC, it's simply the reality of recent history forming my opinion. Let's hope change is truly in the air this time.

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