Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Was Nuts For Boxing. Here's Hoping 2016 Is More Stable

The hustle and bustle of 2015 was a bit much

Part of me doesn't want to write about 2015 because it proved to be a thoroughly exhausting and overwhelming year - both professionally and personally (though there certainly were some great things that happened during it). The truth, though, is that 2015 was such an enormous year for the sport of boxing that it simply cannot be ignored now that 2016 has finally rolled along.

Looking back, I honestly think that 2015 was actually too big and unwieldy for the sport's own good. Mayweather-Pacquiao was over-hyped and hijacked by the mainstream media-celebrity establishment. The PBC was all over the place, appearing so frequently and on so many outlets that it was hard to know what to make of it. Some top fighters essentially slept through the year while others were conveniently avoided by peers who didn't see much reason to be competitive in a professional sport.

In short, the entire 12 months in sum proved to be a hodgepodge of aggressive craziness that never really let up. From January - where everyone was talking about that potential Manny-Floyd bout - to December - where everyone was talking about Fury's upset of Klitschkpo, there was never a dull moment. Don't get me wrong, an active and exciting sport is generally a good thing. Boxing, however, appeared to have ADHD in 2015.

Now that 2016 is here, however, let's hope things become sane. If a major fight comes along, let's hope the hype is satisfying rather than overwhelming. When fights are on television, let's hope we know what direction the fighter's careers are going in (in 2015, they were too often in standstill). Lastly, let's hope that more fighters act like the athletes they are rather than cagey businessmen. Boxers deserve to be well-paid, but the profession shouldn't be seen as a cynical money grab, either.

In other words, let's hope boxing becomes a bit less dysfunctional in 2016. It will lead to less headaches.

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