Monday, January 18, 2016

Alexander Povetkin - The Forgotten Heavyweight

How can Povetkin stand out from the crowd? 

The heavyweight division seems to be alive and well again for the first time in ages. Unfortunately, perennial contender Alexander Povetkin isn't getting any of the buzz some of his peers are. This is a shame, for while watching some of the man's recent fights, it became pretty obvious to me that he could give both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury some real trouble.

I'm not saying he would beat either man, mind you. I am, however, saying that he could if he were to employ a consistent game plan. For the way Povetkin changes up speed, combined with his missile like power, could fluster Wilder. As for Fury, it's hard to imagine the guy's herky jerky style affecting Povetkin all that much. Fury would be a big target for him, after all, and he would seem far less mobile than he did against the enormous Wladimir Klitschko.

Unfortunately for Povetkin, though, he doesn't seem to have the flashiness to fit in well in this age of Twitter. He looks like an everyday Joe on the street. I've also never heard of the fighter causing trouble outside the ring like Adrien Broner or Fury himself. That stuff, sadly, can hurt in the fight game, especially the contemporary one. He's supposed to be in line for Wilder's slice of the heavyweight title at the moment, but - as has been pointed out online by Anthony at Thunderdome Boxing - there's no guarantee that will happen. Too bad.

If there's one good thing about the age we live in, though, it's that everyone - yes everyone - is part of the greater conversation. The more fans gripe online about Povetkin not getting another crack at the title (if he is indeed passed over at least once) the more fighters and promoters will start to take notice. They may still ignore the fan base but they will do so at their own risks. That's ultimately good news for Povetkin.

And good news for fight fans.

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