Monday, January 4, 2016

Four Big Name Fighters Who Aren't Afraid To Take A Loss

These guys aren't the type to just turn and walk away.

It's easy to be disgusted with the current state of boxing. Some - perhaps many - fighters and promoters seem absolutely, positively determined not to make big fights. The evidence of this is abundant. Bud Crawford is given another tuneup, probably through no fault of his own. Billy Joe Saunders openly expresses timidity at the chance to face GGG. Danny Garcia reminds us that this is a business we're talking about here (as if the fact that boxing is primarily a sport is secondary).

Don't give up hope entirely, though - at least not yet. For there are actually fighters out there who clearly are not afraid of taking a loss. What's more, they're willing to be open about their willingness - whether their promoters want them to be or not. You may not like these guys. Heck, you may not even be able to stand at least one or two of them. But, hey, at least they've recently proven to be true sportsmen.

Let's start with Shawn Porter, a man whose not only taken a loss to Kell Brook, but is willing to put his neck on the line over and over again regardless. He's practically begging for a fight with Keith Thurman at the moment, a fight he may well lose. How can you not love a guy like that?

Moving right along, let's discuss Tyson Fury. Sure, he's loud and obnoxious and loves to get in people's heads, but I've never - not once - seen him be the least bit afraid to accept a challenge. There's a lot of talent out there at the moment in the heavyweight division. You won't see the newly crowned champion so much as blink at any of it.

Sticking with the type of person who can grate on someone's nerves, there's little doubt Adrien Broner deserves a mention here. That's right, Adrien Broner. Why? Because he's been more than willing to fight Manny Pacquiao - a guy who might well turn his head into a punching bag. You say Broner's just eager for a big payday? Fine. If only fighters like Danny Garcia and Billy Joe Saunders were as eager for huge checks as Broner is. The truth is that it takes real guts to be willing to face a guy like Pacquiao, no matter how much cash is being thrown your way.

Lastly, let's take a minute to recognize Wladimir Klitscko. Yeah, he lost to Fury, but that was after a full decade of taking on any and all comers. What's more, he's going to step right back into the ring with his conqueror again to attempt to win his title back. There's no marinating involved here, no "let's wait and see." He may not be thrilling, but Klitschko is the real thing.

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