Monday, June 8, 2015

Miguel Cotto Is Better Than You Think

He's not a real middleweight.
His opponents are second-rate or over the hill.
The other big names out there are going to destroy the guy.

Heard all this before? Thought so. Seems like the consensus among fight fans is that Miguel Cotto simply isn't all that these days. Guess what? The consensus is wrong. Cotto is good. Real good. Great, actually.

Look, I don't like the fact that the man makes opponents meet him at a catch weight - especially when those opponents are clearly more comfortable at higher weights. But it doesn't really matter. Cotto is simply better than most of them no matter what weight they fight at.

Seriously, was Daniel Geale ever going to beat Miguel Cotto last Saturday in Brooklyn? Not the way Cotto's been looking since he teamed with Freddie Roach, we wouldn't have. It may seem strange to have a guy as stoic as Cotto gushing over Roach like he does, but facts are facts - Roach has given Cotto a second career.

And sorry, but I don't exactly see that career ending or fading away any time soon. No doubt about it, Canelo and Golovkin are formidable, FRIGHTENING adversaries. But Cotto is a proven commodity, folks. What's more, I think he looks better than he has in forever right now. Perhaps he looks as good as he ever has, period.

What's so impressive about Cotto is the fact that he's a COMPLETE fighter. Both his offense and his largely unheralded defense are amazing. Before hopping on the bandwagon, imagine Canelo and GGG in the ring with the Miguel Cotto of last Saturday night. Then ask yourself what their chances really are.

While it's true that Canelo and GGG present real challenges for Cotto, it's worth noting that he presents a real challenge for both of them, as well. It simply doesn't make sense to believe otherwise.

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