Monday, June 15, 2015

Five Reasons Why Adrien Broner Might Beat Shawn Porter

We've got ourselves a good one this coming weekend, gang. Adrien Broner is going to be facing Shawn Porter live on NBCs PBC card this Saturday evening in Vegas. This is the sort of fight the fans were hoping for when the PBC was first announced last winter. Indeed, there's a lot to like about this one, especially the fact that it's hard to decide beforehand who will actually win.

This article is going to focus on the five reasons I think Broner might pull this off. Don't get mad, Porter fans. My next piece will be on the five reasons I think Shawn Porter might pull this off. For now, though, the focus is on Adrien. Enjoy.

  1. The Weight : Porter is a true welterweight. Yet for this fight he has to go down to 144. That bodes well for "The Problem." Fighters can get drained - really drained - when they have to lose more weight for a bout than they probably should. And when they get drained, they're apt to become less effective.
  2. Broner Can Get In Your Head :  Although this version of Broner is a bit watered down for basic cable, it's good to keep in mind that the guy has the ability to really rub people the wrong way. Don't think that can effect an opponent? Check out the career of Ali. The man's mouth was one of his greatest weapons.
  3. Porter Hasn't Looked Good In A While : Let's face it, Porter hasn't been all that impressive since he destroyed Paulie Malignaggi a while back. Has he stepped down a peg in the ability department? Did Kell Brook take something out of him? Most importantly, is Porter asking himself these same questions? 
  4. Broner May Be More Marketable: I have a bad feeling that the powers that be see Broner as being a more marketable fighter than Porter and that it's coming into play here. The catchweight, for instance, benefits Broner, not Porter. Also, the fact that the fight is in Vegas, instead of Ohio, where both men are from, might be indicative of something. The king of Vegas, after all, is Broner's buddy, Floyd Mayweather. I'm not saying anyone will be bought out. I'm simply wondering aloud if the popular kid will get preferential treatment over the quiet kid. 
  5. Broner Is Said To Be Taking This One Seriously: Okay, it's no secret that Broner hasn't been the most dedicated practitioner of the sport of boxing. The videos, the party tour, the lack of determination. They've proven to been a problem for "The Problem's" reputation. This time, however, word is coming out that Broner is training like a monster. That's something worth noting - because, say what you will, Broner's a talented dude. 

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