Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Five Guys Who Stand A Chance Of Beating Gennady Golovkin

Yes - he's a monster. No one is denying that fact. Indeed, Gennady Golovkin may be the most ferocious hitter to step onto the middleweight stage since John "The Beast" Mugabi. Unlike Mugabi, however, Golovkin is being hailed as a master craftsman as well as a master hitter. Truth be told, Golovkin is currently being mentioned alongside names like Marvelous Marvin Hagler's...and perhaps for good reason.

No man, however, is invincible - and Golovkin is no exception. The following men can all arguably face Golovkin in the future (though most aren't even considered middleweights at the moment). This isn't to say that any or all of these guys WILL best Golovkin in the future, mind you, only that their chances against GGG are better than most.

Saul Canelo Alvarez: Get thoughts of his loss to Mayweather two years back completely out of your head. Alvarez is a skilled, hard hitting, top competitor. Yeah, James Kirkland was custom made for for the guy, but Alvarez hit with such accuracy that you couldn't help but wonder how he'd do against the punch-susceptible Golovkin.

Carl Froch: The legendary English super middleweight is on the verge of retirement. There's been word that he's willing to face Golovkin, but I find that somewhat doubtful. If the two ever were to face off, however, it would be interesting. For Froch is not only naturally bigger than Golovkin, he's an awkward pro who knows how to turn out the lights. Just ask George Groves.

Erislandy Lara: Sure, people don't like Lara's style, but that style is top notch, regardless. The man knows how to slick his way to a victory, that's for sure. Although Golovkin appears to be impervious to smooth styles, it would be quite a feat for him to catch the slippery Lara. Would he be able to, though?

Andre Ward: You just knew this name was coming. The second best fighter in the world, behind Floyd Mayweather and no one else, presents an Olympian challenge to anyone, even the seemingly great Golovkin. Want to see how Ward handles top level opposition? Check out how easily he handled Carl Froch.

Miguel Cotto: Sorry, but I just don't see the Puerto Rican legend being easy work for Golovkin. The man is just too masterful with his combination of ring movement, punching and defense. Even without a catch weight, I think Cotto is formidable...and Cotto's made it clear he won't fight at middleweight without a catchweight.  

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