Saturday, June 20, 2015

Adrien Broner Is Not A Nice Guy - But That's His Problem

Don't be surprised if Adrien Broner wins tonight. I know you hope he loses, but things have been arranged in the weight department so that Broner is apt to emerge victorious. You also shouldn't be surprised if Broner, after getting a decision win, takes the opportunity to publicly humiliate Shawn Porter and his family. Adrien Broner, after all, is not a nice guy.

That's not to say he's a bad person. I think there's a fine line between being what Porter's dad rightfully calls an "a--hole" and someone with who, say, displays genuine satisfaction or indifference upon ruining lives.

Still, you're not judgmental for realizing Broner isn't nice. You're just someone who doesn't close his or her eyes to the truth. Nice people don't act like Broner does publicly. It's just not an act when you engage in the same behavior over and over again.

It's also pointless to let such behavior get under your skin. Porter himself will tell you that. So will Marcos Maidana, who coolly let Broner behave like a complete jerk before giving the Cincinnati native a beatdown in a Texas ring late in 2013.

Broner didn't learn his lesson then and he probably won't learn it if Porter manages to pull off a victory on Saturday night. Again, though, it's pointless for fans to let the guy get under their skin.
For I'm guessing that Broner's ability to annoy is potentially now his biggest financial asset.

Maidana showed the world just how overrated the guy was and Broner hasn't really impressed since that time. Throw in the weight nonsense leading up to this fight with Porter and it's easy to see how Broner might be becoming a member of boxing's protected class.

A lot of money can be made from people wanting to see Broner lose, after all. Unlike Mayweather, however, there's a pretty good chance Broner CAN lose (again), so precautions might have to be taken if the goal is to cash in on the man's vitriol rather than on his boxing ability.

I suspect, however, that fans will only take so much before tuning out "The A.B. Show." Floyd can be brash but he can back it up. If Broner can't, well, that's his problem. No pun intended.

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