Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wonder Why The TV Ratings For Boxing Are So Bad? Ask Radivoje Kalajdzic

You don't need a great education to notice the problem

So, ESPN's Dan Rafael has just reported, via Twitter, that the ratings for last night's PBC card on NBC were most certainly not good. This, of course, is too bad. For Errol Spence made his mark on the world this past weekend by besting a game name opponent like Chris Algieri in fantastic fashion. If you haven't seen the fight - and it appears that billions haven't - then by all means, check it out. It's good stuff.

Having said that, the numbers were still disappointing, as viewership for primetime PBC cards seems to be declining these days. People will undoubtedly scratch their heads and wonder aloud why this could be, but the answer - or at least one of the answers - is pretty clear. No one trusts the powers that be in boxing. It really is that simple.

Boxing is now at the point where there's so much bad judging, so much unsportsmanlike maneuvering and so many BS titles that casual fans literally don't have a clue what's happening. Seriously. We watched the card with a friend last night who wasn't a fan and he had no idea how things worked outside of two people throwing punches. Why doesn't the better fighter always advance on to bigger and better things? How could judges give incompetent rulings? How in the world can anyone tell who the best fighter in a division is if the best can't or won't face off?

My friend is not a stupid man and these were not stupid questions. What other sports fans in the world would be as sure of an impending  bad decision as boxing fans were after the final bell rang for the Marcus Browne -  Radivoje Kalajdzic bout on last night's undercard? Browne got the decision after holding and being dropped and absolutely no one I know was surprised that the judges gave him the nod.

Wonder why the TV ratings for boxing are so bad? Ask Radivoje Kalajdzic.

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