Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Can Gilberto Ramirez Beat Arthur Abraham?

Ramirez wants to be more than a face in the crowd

Some people may find Arthur Abraham to be old and over the hill. That may be so, but make no mistake about it, the old hand knows how to fight. Say what you will about the Armenian-German fighter, but Abraham brings it each and every time. It's also more than likely that the guy can still take out a wall.

Indeed, I'm almost looking more forward to Abraham's fight this weekend against undefeated contender Gilberto Ramirez than I am for more ballyhooed bouts featuring Bradley, Pacquiao, Martin and Joshua. For Ramirez is a man on the rise, a man who can give Abraham a real run - and also hand him a defeat - if he fights intelligently.

For Ramirez is far taller than Abraham. He's also shown that he has some heavy hands. Lastly, he can be patient. Last year, for instance, Ramirez remained disciplined rather that charging full speed ahead after he started scoring effectively against Gevorg Khatchikian. Yet Ramirez had claimed before that fight that he had to work on his defense. Sure enough, even though Ramirez won the bout by way of unanimous decision Khatchikian was still able to land.

If Abraham is able to land during the fight with Ramirez this Saturday, the up and comer from Mexico may find himself in real trouble. Naturally Ramirez wants to make his mark since he'll be fighting on the Pacquiao-Bradley undercard. He doesn't want to make his mark as the guy who Abraham turned the lights off on, however.

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