Friday, April 15, 2016

Is Klitschko Being Written Off Too Soon?

Someone want to offer an opinion?

Let's face it - Wladimir Klitschko lost and lost soundly to Tyson Fury late last year. In my humble opinion, the mouthy Englishman got into Klitschko's head and won the fight through bullying tactics long before the two entered the ring. Since then, well, things have been exciting in the heavyweight division. Indeed, everyone seems to be acting as if the former heavyweight kingpin is long retired. Is this a mistake, though?

The truth is that Wlad and Tyson will be getting it on again this summer. That's a big fight if ever there was one. And if Wlad somehow finds away to adjust his frame of mind and style, he may once again find himself on top of the heavyweight heap. I can hear you moaning already and I understand. For Klitschko, nice as he is, is nothing if not a stoic, less than thrilling fighter of the continental European variety.

In other words, the man isn't suited stylistically for Anglo-American, Central American, or South American tastes. Still, Wlad is good. Quite good. And yeah, there's a chance he can best his antagonist soundly when he meets the obnoxious Fury once again this summer. That's something people should keep in mind.

Having said that, Klitschko's heyday is most likely at an end despite what happens in his next bout. For even if he wins, there's clear evidence that the tide is changing and that a new breed of heavyweight is emerging. With that in mind, however, it's worth wondering whether Fury is the face of a new era, or is simply  the person who rang it in.

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