Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Win Lose Or Draw, Tim Bradley Deserves Credit. Here's Why.

Bradley's path has never been one of least resistance

Look at Tim Bradley's resume and try saying the man hasn't had an impressive career. Here's a guy who has fought absolutely everyone he's been able to. How many other name fighters can the same be said of in this day and age? In a sense, Bradley is the antithesis of the popular modern boxer. He works hard, he's not flashy, and he takes on all comers.

Which brings us to his third go round with Manny Pacquiao this Saturday. I personally think Desert Storm may pull it off this time, but even if he doesn't it's time to give the man the credit he deserves. He's Hall of Fame material by virtue of his list of victories alone. Never mind that first controversial Pacquiao fight. Let names like Provodnikov, Marquez and Peterson seep in. These are serious opponents the man has bested.

At the moment, Bradley suffers from the fact that he's essentially all go and no show. He's what we think we want in a fighter, but really don't. People don't expect the pay per view numbers for Pacquiao-Bradley III to do well. Just imagine how through the roof they'd be if the bout were between Pacquiao and the less capable but more colorful Adrien Broner instead. That's something worth thinking  about.

Still, there's little doubt that Bradley has managed to be exceedingly successful at the fight game. He's quietly earned a fortune while also earning the belated respect of fans. Now it's time for the guy to earn the love. Lesser fighters have gotten a lot more accolades than the California native has. There's something essentially wrong with that picture.

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