Monday, March 21, 2016

Why Spence-Algieri Is Worth Looking Forward To

Some fights are just worth being on the lookout for

While it's true Errol Spence and Chris Algieri are not Pay Per View stars, their upcoming April battle is one I'm truly looking forward to. In fact, I'm perhaps looking more forward to it than any other fight in the sport. Why? Because there's no A Side/B Side nonsense here, no diva posturing, no arguing over trifles. It's just a battle between two hard working, eager guys who are pushing to prove themselves. If that doesn't make for good boxing, I honestly don't know what does.

Spence is the rising star here. When people wonder why Keith Thurman dismisses you, it's an indication you're someone worth giving a second look to. Sure, Spence has been hyped, but he seems to be willing to prove himself (remember when Danny Garcia used to be like that?). Considering that he may well get a chance against the formidable Kell Brook should be best Algieri, Spence has a lot to lose here.

Algieri, on the other hand, may have even more to lose. After winning in controversial fashion against Ruslan Provodnikov a few years back, the man was pitted against Manny Pacquiao, only to suffer from all too predictable results. Since then, however, the nutrition nut has teamed with John David Jackson and has become a force to be reckoned with. Believe it. This fight, however, clearly is a fork in the road for Algieri. Should he win, he's back in play as a serious welterweight. Should he lose, however...

In a fight world where very little rings true (did we really need Canelo-Khan?), it's nice to see a thoroughly legitimate throwdown between two talented dudes who have a ton on the line. This isn't an easy match for either man. That's saying a lot in a sport now dominated by what are essentially glorified tuneups and mid level snoozers.

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